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Combination Method Classic Microblading and Full Lip color done by Donna.

Tattoo Shape Correction using both Microblading, Machine shading to cover up and counteract this old salmon color fade out.

Combination Method Ombre Eyebrows, Micoblading, and Machine shading. Single stroke pattern.

Full Lips with a center contour, resulting in the lips looking more puckered and full.

Microblading, S-curve single hair stroke pattern.

Microblading Model done with a student in our October Class.

Machine Method, thin, elongated Designed Eyeliner.

Machine Method Single stroke pattern, for a long-lasting Eyebrow.

Full Face Combination Method Permanent Cosmetics, Microblading, dusty but precise Eyeliner and a full Lip with pink and orange tones.

Combination Method Eyebrow tattoo correction.

Classic Microblading, double stroke pattern.

Coil Machine Method Powdered Eyebrow, for overall balanced color. This client will have full color and clean edges all the time.

Rotary Method done with a single needle for a precise Full Lip.

Combination Method cover-up for a bold and fresh new set of Eyebrows.

Lash Base Filled Eyeliner, simply meant to give the illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Rotary Method, 7R, Natural Lip Contour to create an overall fuller looking set of Lips.

Clean Simple double stroke Microblading.

Scar camoflouge, pigmantation loss corection.

Microblading and elegant Full Lips, Rotary Method by Donna.

Machine Method, overall color pack for a lipstick look.

Machine Method Designed Eyeliner.

Northwest Muse Cosmetic Tattooing and Education. Tatooing Since 2003. 

Combination Method, Multicolor, layered, Full Lip then contoured for max fullness results and lasting impact.

Microblading with a double stroke pattern, for a full but clean look.

Microblading for a clean and sophisticated look.

Full Lip color with a small contour to give the illusion of highlight. This will result in a fuller looking bottom lip.

Rotary Full  Color Lips.

Manual Method Full-color pack to prep for definition and contouring at next appointment...

Microblading Model done with a student in one of our 2018 fall classes.

Breast Augmentation Scar Camoflouge.

Rotary Method, Natural Contoured Lips to create a fuller, plumper look.

Combination Method, Multicolor, layered, Full Lip then contoured for max fullness results and lasting impact.

Microblading with tint and shade to create a very realistic look.

Miroblading with a touch of Manual shading to add a little extra color and depth.

Combination Method Tattoo Corection, with a Tint and Shade multi-color to cover, counteract the previous tattoo and create a precisely shaped realistic Eyebrow. 

Machine Method, Full Lip Color by Donna.

Coil Machine Method, single stroke pattern for a longer lasting Eyebrow.

Microblading Multi-color layered to create dimension.

Simple Elegant Natural Lip

There are many variations of hair stroke patterns, not every pattern is ideal for every client or skin type. Drier skin types tend to heal crisp and clean, when hair strokes on oily skin types may heal more blurred (fanned edges). Your technician will decide what will be most beneficial to you for best results.

Full Face permanent Cosmetics, Microblading, dusty Eyeliner and a full color lip design.

A combination of soft base simple and elegant eyeliners.

Northwest Muse is Vancouver Washingtons Premier location for experienced Cosmetic tattooing.

A combination of contour shading and edge defining lip styles.

Rotary method, heavy and dark Smoky Eyeliner.

Coil method, color-packed and designed eyeliner.

Facelift Scar Camouflage

Heidi Farland Owner, Educator and Artist of all 3 Methods of tattoo. She has been tattooing since 2003 .

Simple clean Microblading

Healed Full Face Cosmetics

Combination Microblading and Rotary machine shading.

21u Microblading for a bolder stroke and a designed top eyeliner with a smokey bottom eyeliner done using manual method tattoo.

Healed Microblading and Thin Soft Eyeliner

Manual Method

You can find more photos of our work on our Facebook and Instagram (@permanentCosmetics2003) platforms.
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