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Procedure Care Information

Before and After Procedure Care Instructions

The success of your procedure depends on your care!




A few days before the procedure:


Drink 8 8oz. glasses of water a day

Avoid salty foods

Do not tweeze for a few days before the procedure

Exfoliate area gently, but do not use glycol acid or any active products directly on the area.

Please refrain from using any Retinol Products a few weeks prior to your appointment.

If you are having a lip procedure done and have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, Please have your MD prescribe a preventative before hand.


Day of procedure:


-   Many Clients take an over the counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (no aspirin please it is a blood thinner unless prescribed).

No caffeine 2 hours before the procedure.

-   Wear your make-up to your appointment as you would normally wear it.

-  Please arrange for transportation if you do not think you will be comfortable driving after the procedure is completed.


Immediately after procedure:


-  Your cosmetic tattoo may appear darker, off-color, thicker, crisper or harsher than expected. 

-  The surface color will slough off in 4-6 days leaving a soft natural color underneath. Sometimes it may appear that there is no color at all. Don't be alarmed, the ink is implanted into the dermis and takes up to 4 weeks to saturate the new skin cells formed on the epidermis (we call this the milky layer). This is when you will see your results.


-   Procedure area may have mild swelling for a few hours.

-   Procedure area may feel a little tender or feel tight. 

-  If they weep (Lymph fluid) after procedure wash with clean water, blot dry by pressing gently with a clean paper towel and then apply a very thin layer of recommended ointment or grapeseed oil.       


After procedure 4-6 days: 


-   You may clean with water. Pat dry wait 10 min apply ointment lightly with a q-tip.

Do not use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the area.

-   When flaking peeling or crusting appears, DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH OR PEEL! It will cause the color to heal unevenly. You can use a clean warm washrag with water to soak and release any soughing of the pealing layer.


-   Your tattoo needs oxygen to heal properly so never goop on to much ointment.

-   Keep the procedure area safe from any exposure to bacteria. 

-   Wash your hands!

-   Sleep with head elevated on a new clean pillowcase.

-   No Tanning beds for 6 weeks 

-   No steaming hot showers, sauna, jacuzzi or swimming till after your procedure has properly pealed. 

-   No make-up of any kind on the area until 24 hours after the procedure area is fully pealed and your confident there is no open pores (due to bacteria)

  It takes the full 4-6 weeks to see your final results as the pigment shines through the new skin cells. During this time it may seem you have minimal to spotty color, this is normal.   

If anything seems out of the ordinary in your post care do not hesitate to call us or your Doctor. 

We are not financially responsible for medical expenses etc.

Aftercare is completely and %100 your responsibility.


Cosmetics and medical tattooing is not an exact science. Colors may not match perfectly or appear exactly as expected. Please communicate with your artist if you have any concerns.

Over the months and years following the procedure softening, fading, or change of the color of the pigment may occur. 

Understand Maintenance appointments may be needed. 


Permanent Cosmetic Technicians are not Doctors or Nurses, 

we are Tattoo Artists who always strive to give you our best.



We Love Happy Clients!

Northwest Muse has a three-month satisfaction policy where clients can schedule as many finishing appointments they would like as long as they are six weeks apart (back to back) at the finishing appointment price of $25. 

Once the 6-week mark or a total of 3 months is passed all procedures fall into a general maintenance price of $150 for the years to follow. 

We want to see your beautiful faces again, so our maintenance price stays affordable for you!  

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