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Heidi Farland is a second generation cosmetic tattoo artist. She has been tattooing since 2003 and teaching since 2016.

Seeing the success of her students is the ultimate accomplishment!


We do not teach 2 or 3 day Fundamental Classes.

Certificates are the National Recommended Minimum of 100 hours.

A completed class is the combination of multiple categories.

Classes are personalized, 2 students per class.





Class Requirements: 

*You must be over the age of 18 


*Have your state License in hand.

For Washington visit: www.dol.wa.gov/business/tattoo/permcoslicense.html


*Take an online Blood-borne Pathogens Certification Class:



Please Dress appropriately and professionally (No jeans, shorts or toeless sandals)


  Fundamentals of Cosmetic Tattooing

  We offer a variety of tattoo method options

 Microblading, Manual or Machine (coil or rotary)


    Class Topics Include but are not limited to:

-History of Tattoo, Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

-Cross-contamination prevention

-Sanitation infectious disease

-Equipment, Needles, and Tubes

-Tissue Anatomy

-Facial proportions and measurements 

-Basic Color Theory and Pigments

-Client Expectations

-Workstation set-up and takedown down 

-The procedure breakdown

-Healing Aftercare and Anesthetics



-Contracts, Forms


Important Business Info…




-Good Tattooing & Business Practices


Microblading Classes include the above fundamental information, 4 hair stroke patterns and manual shading.


–Students will be practicing on tattoo skin, Proper sanitation,

workstation set-up and takedown and manual review.

-Models (you must bring your own. Two minimum for each procedure unless you are traveling) for designated days selected TBD.


Each day may vary depending on productivity, conversation and model time. 

Each class is broken up over a period of several weeks

Advanced classes are offered, some are exclusive to Northwest Muse students that have previously taken our Basic Fundamentals Class.




Our goal is to set you up for success so all questions are welcomed and appreciated!  

Please log manual study hours before your class or you will have to make them up before you receive your certificate.  Our Program of Certification is broken up into multiple class categories.  If you are taking a local class a schedule will be worked out between you and your instructors prior to your start date. 


Upon Certification, you will be given all your equipment! You will have all the equipment you need to practice tattoo during class and take home prior to doing your models.


We (your instructors and the Northwest Muse Team) will be a continuing support group for you after your class. You will be added to our group forum Exclusive to Northwest Muse Students and Participants for ongoing Q&A and resources. We also encourage you to stop by the shop and continue to learn after class!


 We will always encourage continuing education. These class selections will include basic color theory for color correction. But if you find yourself doing a lot of corrective work please take our color correction workshop! 


There may be a business opportunity to work and or contract with Northwest Muse If slots are available. We are a Busy Specialty Shop looking to grow by possibly adding the right technicians to join our team! We enjoy doing conventions community service and most of all making a difference in peoples lives with cosmetic & medical tattooing.

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